Thursday, November 10, 2011

This is my hero and sidekick image. i was going for an imagination driven theme based on two young kids playing war. the vehicle is a wagon they converted into an tank like contraption. i put a shield on the front to cover the hole the handle goes into below the window.

the main character is an energetic character who is always leading the charge so to say. he is the self proclaimed leader and thinks he knows what's best.

the side kick character follows the main character around an provides support by maintaining and inventing the equipment.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Hero Sidekick ideas

this is a ruff ideas of my Hero characters, i was thinking of something like two kids playing war. 
the main character will be a real energetic child quick to run into situations. 

in this i included some thoughts i had for weapons they could use, i wont everything to have 2 looks, one being the cardboard and duct tape look that represents the "real" look of them being made of mostly scrape wood, cardboard, tape and nails, ect. and the second look will be the ways the kids see them when they are playing. 

The side kick, being the supporting character will be the one making most of there weapons and following the hero.